Friend Rants

Today is my 24th birthday. There isn’t really anything special about 24 that I know of but this was by far the best birthday I have ever had.

It all started yesterday…because everyone wants a birthday weekend not just a day.

I spent Saturday with some friends. We went to Little Rock and had a blast. At midnight my sister called and my nieces sang me happy birthday.

Sunday I got to sleep in a little bit and then my mom drove up to take me out to lunch. She brought my puppy dog with her so we ended up going to PetSmart so she could get out and run around. While looking I fell in love with a fish. He is the brightest blue I’ve ever seen. His name is Olaf. And he obviously came home with me.


Then I went and had coffee with my lovely friend Larissa. It was a bitter sweet moment because that will be the last time for a while since she’s getting married in a week and moving to Arizona! She got me these BEAUTIFUL flowers.


When I returned from getting coffee there was a note under my door that told me to check my office. I walked into my office to find a bunch of balloons, more flowers and the sweetest card from my staff. And one of my Cubs got me a movie poster from my favorite movie that I can’t wait to get framed and hang up!


I finally settled down to watch some Walking Dead when I hear someone POUNDING on the doors to my building. I opened my apartment door ready to jump into RC mode to see Bri, Matt, and Stephen standing there with pizza and cupcakes. They decided to surprise me for my birthday. I had no idea they were coming and it was the perfect way to end my day. In the middle of the Walking Dead I also received an awesome video of the cutest kid wishing me a happy birthday.


I often forget how blessed I am to have people like this who really care about me and want to celebrate me. I can’t thank everyone enough for what they do for me everyday. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for them and I can’t wait to see what the next year of my life holds. I know that I will be just fine with my friends by my side!



So the last two weeks have been filled with excitement!  I went on my first Hall Director retreat where we got a flat tire!

Then RA Training happened! We went to the 4H Center and did the ExCel program.  We had the choice of going on the giant’s ladder or the high ropes course.  I chose the high ropes. It was fun but I am definitely a tree hugger! Here are some pictures that the 4H Center took and posted of our group!

There were circles.

And promises were made.

Ladders were climbed 30 feet in the air.

Can you see the fear in my face?And then we went down a zip line!  This was my favorite part. And doesn’t Brittany look adorable?

Resident have moved in now so we have started having our Opening Week events.

There was a block party with DJ Hollywood.

And Casino Night where we had 173 residents come out to play!

Tomorrow we are going bowling.  It’s going to be a blast!

This weekend my best friend from high school got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony and she couldn’t have picked a better guy.  They look so happy in love and I’m very happy for her.  I didn’t share any  stories of Kylie at her rehearsal dinner because those stories our ours.  We have so many inside jokes together and I’m glad that I have been able to call her one of my best friends.

If you don’t know Kylie she is amazing. Loyal. A third-degree black belt. She can kick any guy’s butt at any sport. She is smart. She is beautiful inside and out. She was there for me when I needed her. She is one of the best people I have ever met. Kylie is fun to be around and is always having a good time.

I realize this post makes it sound like I’ve lost a great friend but that’s not it at all. I hope that Kylie and I will always keep in touch with each other no matter what part of the world the Air Force takes her and Matt. But this post is a sad one because my best friend is starting a new chapter of her life.  Her life as Kylie Lowe.

It’s hard for me to see how Kylie went from the goof ball to the first of our friends to get married. But I am so happy for her and Matt and I’m glad that I got to be a part of their special day.

Being eaten alive by SpongeBob at the Wild Animal Park

Singing on the car because she can

Science Fair photo shoot

All dressed up for prom

She was a cheerleader for a day

Riding to science fair senior year. She was scared of Katlyn’s driving

Her first dance as a married woman

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

So it’s been a while since I last posted and I apologize but with finals right around the corner there just isn’t time for this.  I promise after May 15 I will be posting a lot more!

Anyway, since this is my blog I’m changing this one as well.  I’m going to list the 10 people that have influenced me but I’m not going to describe how. To be honest you don’t care how, you just want to know who. So, that’s what I’m going to give you. If you make the list and you don’t know how you influenced me but you want to know, just ask.  I’ll share with you.

Oh, and these are in no particular order

1. Karla

2. Joshus

3. My Starbucks guys: Josh, Zack, Ben, and Todd

4. Rikki

5. Cindy

6. Bill

7. Larissa

8. Ricky

9. Clem

10. Sherrie

Last week was UALR’s homecoming!  Last year UALR started the Homecoming Boat Regatta.  It’s a lot of fun.  A bunch of teams build cardboard boats and then you stick them in the pool and see if you sink.

Last year we made it most of the course and then sank, but this year we were much more confident.  I mean look at this boat!

The Beast

We put the boat in the water.  And then this happened!

It didn't last long

We sank…immediately.  But that’s okay because we climbed on top and started to paddle.  We didn’t get very far, but it was still fun.  It was great! I’m so glad that I’ve been able to participate in the boat races two years in a row.

Our crew!

A new friend asked me to go to Winter Jam with her last night.  I was a little skeptic to go and those of you who know me understand why.  First I must backtrack, if you don’t know what Winter Jam is it is a collection of Christian contemporary artists all playing in one place.  Now you might have an idea of why I didn’t want to go. Well, I went anyway. I had a blast!  I’m very glad I went.

New friend and I with Building 429

This post is about to take an unexpected twist. (You can’t say I didn’t warn you)

There is something going on in my life and I am not happy about it! (Just ask Rikki or Stephen)  I have been avoiding things and have been just fine but it’s starting to become clear that I won’t be able to avoid them for much longer.  Stephen told me that I can’t run forever.  I told him that he doesn’t know me very well, which is probably a lie.  There is another person in my life who has been trying to get me to come to my senses for a long time and it’s getting hard to ignore her, but I’m trying!

I’m stubborn and I want to do this on my own time! Yep, I said it! MY OWN TIME! I know that’s not how it works but I can still try.  Like the lead singer of Skillet said last night, I’m tired of being told what to do.  There is a war going on and each side is telling me what I need to do and say. I’m tired of it.  He was trying to tell me that I need to listen to God, but I’m taking it as I need to stop listening to what everyone around me is saying and I need to listen to myself, which could end up being the same thing, we will see.

Well that was my Sunday night.  Now on to build a cardboard boat.

For an early birthday present from my second family I went to New Orleans for the weekend.  It was amazing!  I had never been and I can’t wait to go back again.

In case you didn’t know, it’s Mardi Gras season.  Yes I said season.  In NOLA it’s not just one day it’s a month long celebration.  The parades started in January and they just keep going.  I had a great time like I said but it wasn’t all fun and games.

Sunday afternoon we got into a car accident.  We definitely had someone looking out for all of us because no one was injured.  The car we were in was totaled and the airbags were deployed but everyone got out and walked away.  Actually, we RAN away.  Once we hit the light pole (a historic light pole on Bourbon Street) the car started making a really bad sound and there was lots of smoke so I yelled get out of the car and we RAN!  The driver hurt her wrist but it was nothing too serious and the front seat passenger got a little banged up.  Those of us in the backseat just got thrown around and are probably a little sore today, I know I am.

Anyway, I have made a list of the things that I learned while in NOLA and wanted to share it with you.

  1. Parades are not just for kids
  2. Dumpsters should NOT be parked on Bourbon Street
  3. Bourbon street is fun at 2 in the morning
  4. New Orleans is surrounded by water and that freaks me out
  5. I want to live there just for Mardi Gras Season
  6. They have a dog parade called Barkkus (I don’t know if I spelled it right)
  7. Women with pink hair are very nice
  8. Women from Texas are not nice
  9. Drive thru daiquiri places are awesome
  10. Bourbon Street really looks like it does in movies and TV shows
  11. The more beads you have the heavier your neck will be
  12. Cafe du Monde is amazing
  13. You shouldn’t have caffeine after being in an accident
  14. The French Market has really cheap, cool stuff
  15. The Superdome is really awesome and looks cool

Like I said I can’t wait to go back next year and this is definitely a trip I will never forget!

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