It really breaks my heart that this school district won’t stand by their students. That they are BREAKING THE LAW by censoring their students. They don’t care.

According to their statement they are standing behind the “mission” of the school.

This is the mission of Sheridan High School:
“Sheridan High School provides opportunities for students to achieve their highest potential in learning, integrity and citizenship within a safe school environment.”

Can someone tell me how pulling a profile of an openly gay student is helping them achieve their highest potential? In my opinion Sheridan High School is not allowing Taylor Ellis to achieve anything. SHS says that they want to provide opportunities for their students in a safe school environment, but how can you have a safe environment for a student when they are not welcoming.

Y’all, it’s 2014. Get over the fact that everyone isn’t like you. That’s what makes us great! This high school is risking a law suit because they don’t agree with one student’s life choices. What if there was another gay student at that school that was afraid to come out to family and friends? Do you think they are going to want to now when they see what is being done to Taylor? Hell no, why would they?

I majored in mass communication and this drives me crazy that this school thinks they can get by with this. I know the advisor to the yearbook at Sheridan High School and he stands by his students in their right to publish Taylor’s profile. I wish him and his staff luck. If you do too, let them know. Share my story or any of the one’s below.

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