I keep forgetting that I have a blog. Oops, I will try to get better but I doubt it happens.

I graduate from college in 33 days. That is very exciting.  It’s taken me 5 long years but it’s finally going to happen!  My family is coming in to see my graduation ceremony because they think it’s a big deal.  I think it is going to be boring because I’m a “Z”.  That means I’m last…whoo hoo! 

I will be attending grad school in the fall and in just a short 2 years I will have a Master’s Degree as well! Then I have to go out and join the “real world”.  I’m just glad I get to put it off for another two years!

Oh well, this is an exciting time of year and everything is starting to fall into place.  I have so many people to thank for getting me here.  I guess that means I have to start those Impact blogs again, huh?