It’s after midnight and I should be asleep but I just had to write this post before I went to bed.  I spent all of Labor Day weekend in bed because I’m sick.  I have Hurricane Isaac to blame for that and Arkansas’ bipolar weather. But today was the first day back and there were so many things that happened today just made me feel loved and appreciated.  I wanted to share these things because we all know that normally I’m not a positive person but this is one of those days where I need to share the good!

1. Complete strangers talked to me in both of my classes today. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but most people say that I scare them so the fact that these girls felt like they could talk to me was awesome.  It wasn’t just the usual class chit chat either.  It was real conversations and it just made my day start off great.

2. I went to lunch and was just going to eat alone but I sat in my normal spot and by the time I left to go to work the table was full of people that I consider my friends. They came and sat with me and just made my day even better.

3. I went to my office and found an RA sitting there waiting to talk to me because she needed some advice on what to do with a resident.  I know that it’s my job and all but the fact that she actually waited for me to come back to my office to talk was awesome.

4. I had a total of FOUR RAs come into my office today while I was there and that is a record! I get lonely because my office is literally a hole in the wall so when people visit me it’s great.  I know they were just coming to pick things up but I’m going to say they stopped by just to say “hi”.

5. I went home and my uncle was there. This is the uncle that I have the most problems with but he was actually kind of nice to me.  This shocked me and made my day even better.

6. My dog was in the BEST mood. Sometimes when I go home she says hi, gets her treat and then walks away and doesn’t want anything to do with me but not today! She played with me and she rolled around on the floor with me.  She also cuddled with me which is my favorite thing to do with her. Then the other two dogs got jealous so we played fetch.

7. My grandparents said that my little cousin was over at the house today which meant that my favorite toy of all time was laying in the living room. I bought this toy 9 years ago in Michigan and I have never seen another one since.  This toy is like the best thing ever and it’s so simple, but every time I see it I play with it and crawl inside and put it on my head and try to trap the dogs in it.  But look at this thing, how could you not love it! I mean the look on this kid’s face tells you everything you need to know.


8. I went to the Commons today to hang out with one of my RAs and some other housing people were in there as well. We just sat around and talked about life and everything.  It was the perfect ending to what seemed like the perfect day.  We discussed everything from current events (I have a quiz tomorrow) to SEC football (WOO PIG SOOIE!) and even relationships.  This housing staff really is like a family to me and I love every minute I get to spend with them.

I know that I am BEYOND blessed when I can look back on the craptastic weekend that I had and have a day like today where I am just overwhelmed by the good things in my life. I honestly have no idea what I would do without the people who surround me and support me. I need these people in my life and it’s becoming more and more real every day.

I leave in less than a year to go to grad school.  I have no idea where I’m going to end up but I know with these people in my life, I’m going to be okay.