What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

I haven’t accomplished much in my life. I’m only 22 but I think I will be able to come up with 5 things that mean a lot to me.

1. Getting my job.  I loved loved loved being a resident assistant and it was last year that I decided that I wanted to go into student affairs so when I was offered the hall director position here I was so excited! It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve only been doing it for a month.  I can not wait to see what else I learn from this and the person I am in May.

2. Falling in love.  I believe that everyone should experience love.  It is an amazing feeling. Falling in love was an accomplishment for me because I always told myself growing up I wouldn’t get married or have kids so when I fell in love my whole outlook on life changed. Even if the love doesn’t last (like mine) it is still something that everyone should go through.

3. Being alone. I hate hate hate being alone. It drives me crazy but just last night I went to the gym alone and ran.  Then after the gym I went and sat outside by myself.  It was nice knowing that I didn’t have to have someone else there with me.  That I was perfectly content being by myself and spending time alone outside of my apartment.  This was a big deal for me so I am really proud of myself.

4. Being an aunt.  I realize that I didn’t actually have to do anything to become an aunt except have a sibling this is still one of my greatest accomplishments.  My nieces are the best and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  They are amazing little girls and they know that I will always be there for them, no matter what life throws their way.

My nieces and brother in law

5. Graduating from ASMSA. I realize that I’m 22 and shouldn’t be talking about graduating from high school anymore but ASMSA was hard.  I almost left that school many times because it scared me. I was afraid of failing out and being away from my grandparents. But I stuck it out and ended up getting straight A’s one 9 weeks. It was great and I’m so glad that I went through with it. It made me a better person and a stronger person and that’s what matters in the end.