So my department does the Strengths Finder thing.  It’s this book that gives you a code where you go online and take a test.  At the end of the test it gives you your top 5 strengths out of 34 possible themes.  It focuses on the fact that you shouldn’t work on your weaknesses because you may never have that talent, so just make your strengths better.  So here are my top 5.

Achiever: I like for things to happen. It means that I must achieve things to be happy.  Goal oriented.

Relator: This means that I like to talk to people and I can relate to them however, I like my small group of friends and I’m not going to share information with you unless you are in that group.

Input: This means I know a little bit about everything.  I collect information or things or in my specific case, both.

Restorative: I love to solve problems.  I am energized by the idea of solving somethings

Developer: I see the potential in others.  This means that I see the small things and work with that person to become a better person.

I think these all are me. I’m just now realizing how important these are to me and my career choice. I love that everyone is so different but also so similar that your life can boil down to 5 things that describe you.