I’m stressed. Really really stressed. This is a very busy time of year for people in the Housing community and I am no exception. I’ve had a few meetings but mostly it’s me preparing for my new role as a Hall Director. Don’t get me wrong I am SUPER excited about this but I’m also stressed about it. I was on call this last week so I didn’t get out much and that was starting to wear me down and then…the greatest thing that could have happened, happened.

A little boy that I’ve known since the day he was born pulled up in a car to see his momma. As soon as he saw me out the window he got the biggest grin on his face. It was awesome. Then his momma got him out of his carseat and he ran and gave me the biggest hug that he could give me. It pretty much knocked me down. This kid is awesome and I was just so happy that he did that.


Doesn’t he look like he would be fun to hang out with?

It might not seem like much but it always takes him forever to warm up to me so seeing his reaction was exactly what I needed. We played in the “alligator” (aka: elevator) and we went up and down some stairs. To him it was quite an adventure and I was having a blast for those 10 minutes.