This weekend my best friend from high school got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony and she couldn’t have picked a better guy.  They look so happy in love and I’m very happy for her.  I didn’t share any  stories of Kylie at her rehearsal dinner because those stories our ours.  We have so many inside jokes together and I’m glad that I have been able to call her one of my best friends.

If you don’t know Kylie she is amazing. Loyal. A third-degree black belt. She can kick any guy’s butt at any sport. She is smart. She is beautiful inside and out. She was there for me when I needed her. She is one of the best people I have ever met. Kylie is fun to be around and is always having a good time.

I realize this post makes it sound like I’ve lost a great friend but that’s not it at all. I hope that Kylie and I will always keep in touch with each other no matter what part of the world the Air Force takes her and Matt. But this post is a sad one because my best friend is starting a new chapter of her life.  Her life as Kylie Lowe.

It’s hard for me to see how Kylie went from the goof ball to the first of our friends to get married. But I am so happy for her and Matt and I’m glad that I got to be a part of their special day.

Being eaten alive by SpongeBob at the Wild Animal Park

Singing on the car because she can

Science Fair photo shoot

All dressed up for prom

She was a cheerleader for a day

Riding to science fair senior year. She was scared of Katlyn’s driving

Her first dance as a married woman