Describe a typical day in your current life.

So my days are pretty boring but I’m going to try to make it sound interesting.  Here it goes:

I usually wake up at 8 but hit the snooze button until I absolutely have to get up.  Then I go to work or class depending on the day. If you don’t know my schedule I work MWF and I go to class TR.

After work I usually go back to sleep.  I really like sleeping. If I went to class  it’s 3:30 in the afternoon so there is no point in a taking a nap.

Then I tend to run errands.  That could be go grocery shopping or just wandering around trying to find stuff for a program.

At night I’m doing one of two things.

I could be hanging out with these guys:

fun fun

Don’t they just look like fun people to hang out with?

Or I could be hanging out with these people:

The Beast of East (and Stephen)

They are fun people too.

After doing all of that it’s usually around midnight so then I crawl into bed and go back to sleep.  Did I mention I really like to sleep?