Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

Lots of things bother me, so this is probably going to be the easiest post I write.

1. When people don’t use blinkers, they are on cars for a reason.

2. When people shake their legs and the whole tables moves with them. That’s just annoying.

3. When people switch lanes in the middle of an intersection. That’s really dangerous and dumb.

4. When residents don’t check their guests in and then lie to my face. That’s just not nice.

5. When you send emails or texts asking everyone to reply yes or no but EVERYONE needs to reply and not a single person responds.

6. When people reply to listservs and then everyone else replies to the listserv telling you that you replied to the listserv.  If it annoys you when they did it, why would it not annoy other people when you do it to?

7. When people tell you they need to talk to you but don’t tell you why. It’s not hard to say, “Michelle,we need to talk about _____. Please come meet with me today.”

8. When people put up signs with the tape showing. It’s not bad if it’s clear tape, but masking tape should be hidden.

9. When big companies call you and then put you on hold. THEY CALLED ME, SHOULDN’T THERE BE SOMEONE ON THE PHONE ALREADY?

10. When people use handicap spots or bathrooms or buttons for no reason what so ever. They are just doing it for convenience but there are people who need it waiting. RUDE!