What are 5 passions you have?

Oh dear! I have no idea what I am passionate about, hence this one is 2 almost 3 days late. I guess I have never just felt extremely passionate about anything in particular that I would call it a passion. But because this is supposed to teach me something I’m going to try…these are going to be completely random and I’m going to try to talk myself through each one. Let’s begin shall we?

1. I am passionate about reading. Yes, I’m a nerd, but this is one thing that I believe every person should love to do. If I have had a long day I love getting lost in a book and disappearing into my own little world.

Me and Sweetie Pie at 2 in the morning

2. I am passionate about animal rights. You heard me. I love animals to death. I don’t care what you say they are smart and they have feelings. I’m going to give you an example. My dog was attacked by 5 dogs in January. She almost died. After she was attacked she did not want to go outside, she did not want to be around other animals, and she just laid there. She was depressed and scared. She would only go outside if you put her on the leash and walked with her. We called the police and the owner’s of the dogs were ticketed and we haven’t seen the dogs since. The ASPCA does amazing things for animals because too many people take them for granted.  P.S. Tomorrow is Bark in the Park at Dicky-Stephens Park. I’m bring Sweetie Pie!

My BFF and I in NOLA for Mardi Gras 2012

3. I am passionate about the people I care about. I feel that I should explain. I have been told by someone I totally trust that when I care about someone I will do anything to protect them and I will do anything for them. This is true. When I’m your friend, I’m one of the best friends you could ever have. I’m not trying to sound full of myself because I have been a horrible friend in the past but now I’m always there when my friends need me. I’m always trying to help them to succeed and I push them to do things that they don’t think are possible.

4. I am passionate about my job. I love my job, if you haven’t figured that out yet. I would do anything for my residents. They are amazing and I don’t like to see them hurt and I love to celebrate with them. Example, one of my residents came into the building crying today. I was so worried that they had gotten bad news. It was the opposite. She was crying because she was happy.  I danced a dance for her, gave her a high five and was genuinely happy for her.

5. I am passionate about my future. This one might not make sense, but I feel that for me to succeed and to be the person I want to be I have to be passionate about my future. I have to look forward to what is going to happen and what is coming my way.  I have to be willing to close some doors (I’m trying) and open others (did I mention I hate change?). It’s a learning process, but I might as well be passionate about it.