Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Fear 1: I am scared of the dark, well not really the dark more like what lurks in the darkness.  We live in a world where people get robbed all the time.  Where people break into other people’s houses just because they want their stuff.  I’m afraid of what’s in the darkness because it is unknown.  Because I don’t know what’s outside my window at 2am. Because at any point someone or something could jump out at me.  That’s scary.

Fear 2: I’m scared of being alone.  Maybe it goes hand in hand with Fear 1, but I hate being alone.  It scares me because I always like having someone to bounce ideas off of and talk to when I get bored.  Being alone really freaks me out. I’m not really sure why I have this fear since I live in a residence hall where there are always other people around.

Fear 3: I’m scared of storms.  I hate thunderstorms with a passion.  I can’t sleep if there is lightening or thunder. On January 21, 1999 Arkansas saw it’s largest number of tornado breakouts in history. That day 30 tornadoes touched down in Arkansas.  They didn’t reach Central Arkansas until night, because the tornadoes always wait until after dark in Central Arkansas. That night I remember my grandparents throwing me into the hallway just as a huge tree fell on our house.  I was never afraid of storms until then.  A branch went into my grandparents room, and we have to get a new laundry room put up but we were all safe.  At this time there was just a large field behind our house so there wasn’t too much damage done in my hometown, however if that were to happen again it would be a completely different story, and that scares me.