A new friend asked me to go to Winter Jam with her last night.  I was a little skeptic to go and those of you who know me understand why.  First I must backtrack, if you don’t know what Winter Jam is it is a collection of Christian contemporary artists all playing in one place.  Now you might have an idea of why I didn’t want to go. Well, I went anyway. I had a blast!  I’m very glad I went.

New friend and I with Building 429

This post is about to take an unexpected twist. (You can’t say I didn’t warn you)

There is something going on in my life and I am not happy about it! (Just ask Rikki or Stephen)  I have been avoiding things and have been just fine but it’s starting to become clear that I won’t be able to avoid them for much longer.  Stephen told me that I can’t run forever.  I told him that he doesn’t know me very well, which is probably a lie.  There is another person in my life who has been trying to get me to come to my senses for a long time and it’s getting hard to ignore her, but I’m trying!

I’m stubborn and I want to do this on my own time! Yep, I said it! MY OWN TIME! I know that’s not how it works but I can still try.  Like the lead singer of Skillet said last night, I’m tired of being told what to do.  There is a war going on and each side is telling me what I need to do and say. I’m tired of it.  He was trying to tell me that I need to listen to God, but I’m taking it as I need to stop listening to what everyone around me is saying and I need to listen to myself, which could end up being the same thing, we will see.

Well that was my Sunday night.  Now on to build a cardboard boat.