I’m sitting in class and before you try to tell me to pay attention there is currently nothing to pay attention to.  We went over a test this morning and then “that student” started asking questions.   In this particular class there are two of them.

Everyone knows who “that student” is.  These are the students who ask questions about the most random things.  And even when no one else knows what they are talking about they continue to ask the questions.  They also continue to interrupt the professor to continue their rants about things that do not relate to the topic.

I’m aware that my nerd side is currently showing but I am paying good money for this class and I want to hear from the professor NOT about you and how you want to go to grad school one day.  Or about how you watch a cartoon that was made years ago and was cancelled because it was not doing well because you were probably the only one watching it.  I also don’t want to hear your personal questions about how you are SURE that you got that one right on the test.  Talk to the professor after class. Please.

I am here to learn and right now I’m not learning I’m getting annoyed.