So, I tried the SNAP challenge yesterday and failed. Miserably.  I could not eat on just $4.09.  By 3 pm I had already gone over by $0.15 and I still hadn’t had dinner.  I chose not to skip a meal because that is NOT heathy.  I don’t understand how some people can do it.  I had friends offering to give me food but the rules stated that I couldn’t accept anything from others or eat what I already had in my cabinets.

I was so hungry yesterday and I think it was a mind thing.  I couldn’t “afford” to eat and therefore my mind was telling me that all it wants to do is eat something  Also, I had a HUGE craving for fruit yesterday but fruit is very expensive therefore I couldn’t even get an apple or a banana.

I’ve realized that most people don’t JUST spend $4 a day on food, they “buy in bulk” which means they buy a week’s worth of food at a time so it’s cheaper and then it averages out to about $4 a day.  Starting with nothing and only being able to spend that made it IMPOSSIBLE for me.  Some people were probably able to do it, but not this girl.  I love my Dr Pepper too much (even though I didn’t have one yesterday, I can’t go 2 days without.)

So, here I sit waiting to get off work so that I can eat because there is no way that I can do that again.