SNAP Challenge

This week is the SNAP (formally food stamps) challenge.  That means that the Arkansas FoodBank is challenging everyone to eat on $4.09 a day.  That is supposed to be enough for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks for 1 person for 1 day.  Crazy right?

Well I’m trying it.  Honestly today I forgot about it so I will start tomorrow.  But after I remembered I tried and failed miserably.  For me this means that I can’t use my mean plan at school since a meal there costs &7.50.  It also means that I have to give up Dr. Pepper for 2 days and I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.  I hate water and that is going to be my drink for the next 2 days.

Since I forgot about today I did do some research and made a meal plan for the challenge.

I have class at 8 am so I never eat breakfast so that’s great!!!
Total for breakfast: $0.00
Usually I don’t eat lunch either but since this challenge is to prove you can’t eat on $4.09 I decided that I would make something small.  I will get a box of rice ($2.00) and some butter ($0.97).  This is will be lunch.  It’s small but will fill me up.
Total for lunch: $2.97 + tax
I will have more rice and I will have a can of green beans ($1.00). It’s not much but I didn’t really have a choice.
Total for dinner: 1.00 +tax
Total cost of day 1: $3.97+tax, which actually puts me over the $4.09 when you calculate in taxes.

I’ve learned this is REALLY hard when the cost of everything going up.

I will let you know tomorrow if I am able to stick with this.  Wish me luck?