I did this to this child. Photo by Rikki Tuner

I thought I would be nice yesterday.  I bought my friend’s child a Tickle Me Elmo.  I did not see a problem with this a neither did she, however I’m pretty sure I scarred him for life.  She tells me that he finally warmed up to it and slept with it last night but I have a hard time believing it.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Supposedly this kid LOVES Elmo, so I got him one.  When he saw it he loved it.  And then it started making noise.  He was okay with that.  But then it started vibrating.  Oh that poor child.  It was like he didn’t want to hurt my feelings so he kept smiling.  The whole time.  He smiled.

I still think that this child will forever be scarred because I was trying to be nice, but because his mom is a nice person she will lie to me and tell me he loves it.  Even if it is sitting in a corner some where mocking that poor child.