September 2011

I’m sitting in class and before you try to tell me to pay attention there is currently nothing to pay attention to.  We went over a test this morning and then “that student” started asking questions.   In this particular class there are two of them.

Everyone knows who “that student” is.  These are the students who ask questions about the most random things.  And even when no one else knows what they are talking about they continue to ask the questions.  They also continue to interrupt the professor to continue their rants about things that do not relate to the topic.

I’m aware that my nerd side is currently showing but I am paying good money for this class and I want to hear from the professor NOT about you and how you want to go to grad school one day.  Or about how you watch a cartoon that was made years ago and was cancelled because it was not doing well because you were probably the only one watching it.  I also don’t want to hear your personal questions about how you are SURE that you got that one right on the test.  Talk to the professor after class. Please.

I am here to learn and right now I’m not learning I’m getting annoyed.


So, I tried the SNAP challenge yesterday and failed. Miserably.  I could not eat on just $4.09.  By 3 pm I had already gone over by $0.15 and I still hadn’t had dinner.  I chose not to skip a meal because that is NOT heathy.  I don’t understand how some people can do it.  I had friends offering to give me food but the rules stated that I couldn’t accept anything from others or eat what I already had in my cabinets.

I was so hungry yesterday and I think it was a mind thing.  I couldn’t “afford” to eat and therefore my mind was telling me that all it wants to do is eat something  Also, I had a HUGE craving for fruit yesterday but fruit is very expensive therefore I couldn’t even get an apple or a banana.

I’ve realized that most people don’t JUST spend $4 a day on food, they “buy in bulk” which means they buy a week’s worth of food at a time so it’s cheaper and then it averages out to about $4 a day.  Starting with nothing and only being able to spend that made it IMPOSSIBLE for me.  Some people were probably able to do it, but not this girl.  I love my Dr Pepper too much (even though I didn’t have one yesterday, I can’t go 2 days without.)

So, here I sit waiting to get off work so that I can eat because there is no way that I can do that again.

SNAP Challenge

This week is the SNAP (formally food stamps) challenge.  That means that the Arkansas FoodBank is challenging everyone to eat on $4.09 a day.  That is supposed to be enough for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks for 1 person for 1 day.  Crazy right?

Well I’m trying it.  Honestly today I forgot about it so I will start tomorrow.  But after I remembered I tried and failed miserably.  For me this means that I can’t use my mean plan at school since a meal there costs &7.50.  It also means that I have to give up Dr. Pepper for 2 days and I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.  I hate water and that is going to be my drink for the next 2 days.

Since I forgot about today I did do some research and made a meal plan for the challenge.

I have class at 8 am so I never eat breakfast so that’s great!!!
Total for breakfast: $0.00
Usually I don’t eat lunch either but since this challenge is to prove you can’t eat on $4.09 I decided that I would make something small.  I will get a box of rice ($2.00) and some butter ($0.97).  This is will be lunch.  It’s small but will fill me up.
Total for lunch: $2.97 + tax
I will have more rice and I will have a can of green beans ($1.00). It’s not much but I didn’t really have a choice.
Total for dinner: 1.00 +tax
Total cost of day 1: $3.97+tax, which actually puts me over the $4.09 when you calculate in taxes.

I’ve learned this is REALLY hard when the cost of everything going up.

I will let you know tomorrow if I am able to stick with this.  Wish me luck?

While sitting at Starbucks the other day a friend of mine jokingly asked our other friend to marry her.  He said he couldn’t say yes but he did believe in back up plans.  The other friend then said that she has one of those as well and the Barista behind the bar admitted to having one to.  I said I used to have one but I’m pretty sure it will never happen.

We all hope that we never have to use our back up plans but its nice just knowing that if you don’t find someone to love you by the time you are 30, 35, or 40 you can marry one of your friends and be happy together.

It seems that my generation is not the hopeful type.  They want to be prepared for everything without being prepared for anything. (It made sense in my head okay.)  But like I have mentioned before I believe in love.  And I don’t want to have to use a back up plan because I can’t find someone to love.  I guess I’m wondering if these friends of mine will use these back up plans or if the will fall madly in love with someone before they reach 3o.  I have about 9 years to figure this out.  I’ll be sure to let you know.

I did this to this child. Photo by Rikki Tuner

I thought I would be nice yesterday.  I bought my friend’s child a Tickle Me Elmo.  I did not see a problem with this a neither did she, however I’m pretty sure I scarred him for life.  She tells me that he finally warmed up to it and slept with it last night but I have a hard time believing it.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Supposedly this kid LOVES Elmo, so I got him one.  When he saw it he loved it.  And then it started making noise.  He was okay with that.  But then it started vibrating.  Oh that poor child.  It was like he didn’t want to hurt my feelings so he kept smiling.  The whole time.  He smiled.

I still think that this child will forever be scarred because I was trying to be nice, but because his mom is a nice person she will lie to me and tell me he loves it.  Even if it is sitting in a corner some where mocking that poor child.

It is currently 57 degrees in Little Rock.  This makes me so happy!  I am not a summer person, I hate the hot weather. This time of year is perfect for me, it’s not too cold where I need a jacket but it’s just cool enough that I need to put something on.  I also realize that by posting this blog that the temperature is going to go back into the 90s just to spite me, but right now I am happy.  I live in Arkansas  and we can have snow one day and a tornado the next.  So I know how bipolar this weather can be, but until it starts to warm up again I am going to enjoy the fact that it is 57 degrees, the sun is shining, and I am wearing a hoodie and colorful socks!

Also, this picture just makes me extremely happy so I thought I would share it.

My mini-mini me.