I believe in soul mates.

I think that there is one person out there for everyone.  Now, I don’t think that you will necessarily marry your soul mate, but you do have one.  This person is someone who is always there for you.  The person who never gives up on you.  There are some lucky people out there who get to marry their soul mate and that’s awesome.  But a soul mate does not have to be someone you love.  They can be your best friend.

Just because they are your soul mate does not mean that you are theirs.  But everyone has that one person that no matter what they want them in their life and they want to talk to them and they want to feel connected to them.  This person and you all are thinking about someone right now, is your soul mate.

But one thing is for sure, when you find your soul mate…don’t ever let them go.

And be nice to them because I also believe that you only get one.