I moved back in to East Hall on Wednesday and I have been in training since then.  I have to say it’s great being back in Little Rock and being back with my coworkers.

I have been super bored in training because this is my third time going through it and let’s be honest, there is nothing new that can be said.  Yes there are changes in Housing this year.  We have a new building, meal plans, and a lot of new RAs and Hall Directors, but nothing else is changing.  At least not that I have noticed.  They said that returners would be able to get out of some stuff, but we only get out of two things and that’s because we have already done those things and can’t do them again.  Oh well, we did get most of Saturday and all of Sunday off so I can’t complain too much.

Anyway, it’s been great being back and I feel like I’m home.  I’m trying to get situated in my new room and it’s taking time, but it will all work out it in the end.

I guess I have to get back to cutting out popcorn.