Cindy Lee Who

Cindy has been my friend since the 8th grade.  Now we might not have still been friends if she hadn’t moved off to Germany for 4 years, but we are still friends.

She and I both hate girls.  We both get along better with males.  We both like strange things.  We usually like the same things.

She’s awesome and she will tell you how awesome she is.  She’s not afraid to tell you that.

I love that she is in my life and I’m very thankful that she moved to Lonoke and then that she moved back to Lonoke.

Not many people have a friend that they can go to for anything and everything, but Cindy is awesome like she says and she is there.  I would rather have one true friend than a hundred fake friends and Cindy Lee is my true friend.  Whether she likes it or not.  Muah ha ha ha ha ha