Update after having dinner with a little kid:

Kids teach you that everything tastes better if it’s been somewhere else first. Example: You find food on the floor. It’s better than what’s on your plate. You see food on someone else’s plate. It’s better than what’s on your plate. You put food in your hair before eating it. Oh come on, you know that makes sense because it’s obviously better than the exact same thing sitting on your plate.

Kids teach you that it’s the small things that matter. Example: Sitting on the couch eating Cheese It’s with an 18 month old in your lap is so much better than sitting on the couch alone. Also, sitting on the floor is way cooler when reading a book to a child.

Kids teach you that you’re never too old to play with bubbles. Example: Going outside and blowing bubbles is always fun! It’s just nice to have an 18 month old with you so that you have an excuse as to why you are having so much fun.

In case you were wondering. I had a blast spending time with a friend, her husband, and their son. They made my day a little brighter and it was nice to get to see their new house…finally!