I steal balls from little kids...haha

So, the kid in the picture looks so confused right? Well like the caption says I just stole the ball from him. I’m not mean but what you can’t see is there were a bunch of people playing volleyball and that was the ball that we needed to play with. Don’t get me wrong, I love little kids (especially this guy).

I believe that you learn a lot from kids. Here is a list of some of the things that I have learned…and most of them being from the kid in the picture. Have I mentioned that I love that kid!

  1. Kids teach you patience. Example: While playing in the play ground that is the East Hall lobby you have to have patience when the kid you are playing with gets distracted by a pool table and doesn’t want to follow you anymore like he has been. You then have to patiently wait for him to get tired of the awesome pool table (and he never does so you then just have to pull him away and close the door to the pool room)
  2. Kids teach you that a hug can make everything better. Example: You post on facebook that you really need a hug the night before and the next morning while you are sitting at work a little kid is tossed at you (well not really tossed but kind of because I wasn’t expecting it) and gives you the biggest hug that a 15 month old child can give you. Those are the best hugs!
  3. Kids teach you that sleep is precious. Example: You are tired…so tired and all you want to do is sleep but all the kid wants to do is play or cry or eat or something else that requires your help or makes a lot of noise. But then when you put your head on the pillow and the house is completely quiet you learn that sleep is so precious and you should cherish the moments you have with it.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE kids and I love learning more things from them, but I just want to say to someone who I know is reading this and knows that all of these are about her child in one way or another…It’s hard to learn from kids when you never get to see them anymore…let us fix this…please?