The awesome bulletin board I made

This is the last week of classes before finals start and I’m a little stressed.  Okay, I’m a lot stressed.   This is my 6th semester of college and this is the first time that I actually have 5 finals.  That’s right…I have a final for every single one of my classes.  Only one of them is going to cover everything we have gone over since January, but still…5 finals.  In case you were wondering that means I have a final Wednesday, two on Thursday, and two on Tuesday.

Last night I finished my 20 page public relations plan for a local business.  I have no idea if I did it right but I finished it and all I have left to do it get it bound nice and pretty before I turn it in.

I have one 5 page paper to write before finals start but I am meeting with my professor today to talk about what I should be looking for because I picked a random topic…hopefully she can put me on the right track.

I had the interview at Our House for the AmeriCorps Vista associate and I was excited before I got there.  They are only looking for 15 people and at the interview session on Saturday there were about 40 people and that session was not mandatory.  I’m not too optimistic about it anymore but that’s okay.

I am still looking for a job, however since I don’t have a car that is kind of on hold.  It’s hard to look for a job without a car and without a car I can’t get a job and without a job I can’t afford a car.  It’s an evil cycle.

I’m also still looking for a place to live which could help get rid of that evil cycle mentioned above…it’s hard to find a place to live without a car as well.

Well that’s an update on my life currently.