I'm trying not to freak out

Come May 18th, I have no where to live and no where to work.  Most people would be freaking out about this fact and honestly that’s what is happening on the inside.  I was not hired for the summer position at UALR, but the reasoning behind it is a good one.  I completely agree with the supervisor as to why I was not hired, but at the same time I still wish I would have been hired.

I have been presented with an AWESOME opportunity to work with Our House and AmeriCorps Vista.  The job is only 2 months but it pays well and will cover the costs of my bills (except rent).  I won’t know if I get that job until about the time I have to move out of East Hall.  I’ve lived in 311 since August 2009.  I have not had to move anything since then.  This is going to be really strange for me.  I’m just hoping that everything works out and that I can find an affordable place to live.

With gas prices increasing every day I know that I can’t commute from Lonoke every day, plus my grandparents are planning on moving anyway.  It’s now a waiting game for me until I figure everything out.  I’m just hoping that things work out in my favor, but we will see…in the mean time if you know anywhere that is hiring or a place that I can live for cheap I would love to hear about it.