My poor car

I joke with my grandparents that every time they get admitted to the hospital I get into an accident. The day my grandmother had her heart surgery a car hit mine while it was parked in the parking deck at UAMS. I didn’t even have the car 6 months yet. Not my fault though, their insurance covered everything. The second accident I was in, I was on my way to the VA hospital to see my grandpa after his neck surgery and a SUV hit the side of my car. Again not my fault so everything was covered. My grandma got admitted last Monday, and I was in a small fender-bender that day, but there was no damage done to either car. I assumed that was my accident for this hospital visit. I was wrong.

I was driving down I430 south on Wednesday and they have construction going on. I noticed that there was an accident in front of me so I started slowing down. However all the cars in front of me slam on their brakes, so I had to do the same…except my car didn’t stop. I hit the REALLY expensive car in front of me. When I hit someone I don’t hit the 10 year old Chevy…no I hit the brand new Jaguar. I’m awesome I know.

Luckily there was not much damage done to their car. The bumper was a little banged up, but not much. My car doesn’t look bad from the picture, but I’m crossing my fingers that it messed up the inside. I know that it busted my radiator, so I am going to have to get that fixed but that’s currently all I know.

I’m waiting to hear about the cost, but they said that the woman working on my case won’t even look at it until Monday. I’m glad I chose not to get a rental car, because that $8 a day adds up quick when 5 days go by and no one even looks at your car.

I’m still hoping that my car is totaled because I would like a new one, but we will see. With my luck it’s probably going to be $3,999.99. If that’s the case…just throw in an air freshener PLEASE!