Let’s recap.  Last week I turned 21!  It was exciting for me.  I went out to dinner with my best friend and a new friend.  I ordered a strawberry daiquiri and it was yummy!  Then later that night my staff signed a birthday card for me.  I love it!  And they even got little Sam to sign it for me which actually made me cry, just ask Allison.

How cute is this?My night wasn’t over though.  We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings at 11 so that when midnight stuck we could also celebrate another staff member’s birthday.  It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I spent it with the people I chose.

Okay enough about birthdays…well not really.  I almost had a new (to me) car.  I had the keys and I even drove it around for a week.  I really liked it, but what the dealership didn’t tell me was the car I was driving was not the car that I was going to get to keep.  WHAT??  This made no sense to me either.  They told me that my loan was approved, but they still couldn’t give me the car because it would not absorb the negative equity of my POS Suzuki. Read Dear Car Dealerships of Central Arkansas to learn more on that.

I was angry, I was so angry that I told them they could keep their car and that I wanted mine back.  The salesman was not happy that I told him he was not going to get to sell me a car and neither was the company he worked for.  They knew the whole week that I was not going to get the car and REFUSED to tell me.  I went up there, they didn’t tell me.  I called, they didn’t tell me.  I then started to get angry because they weren’t letting me sign papers and weren’t telling me anything and didn’t give me any tags for the car so I was driving around ILLEGALLY and they still didn’t tell me anything.

It took me going back up to the store for a 3rd time and a little bit of an attitude for them to finally tell me what was going on.  I told them I was pissed that they would do this to me.  I told them that if they knew they should have told me, it wasn’t fair.  So I walk out to get my old car and the salesman comes with me.  But before he would give me the key to my car he told me that I hurt his feelings, so I told him that he hurt mine.  Then he said my thought process about the whole situation was wrong and HE STARTED YELLING AT ME!  He was mad that he didn’t get commission because he ruined the deal.  He was mad that I complained to a manager about his table side manners (he was texting and on the phone the whole time my grandparents and I were in his office trying to sell OTHER people cars).  I couldn’t believe this guy yelled at me, so I left…furious!

I get into my car to find out that they had broken my handle off in my car and didn’t have the decency to glue it back on.  It takes a whole 5 minutes to dry and you had my car for a week.

This company says that they have the #1 Customer Service in the state, but they lie.  They were nothing but rude to me the whole time and NEVER called me back after leaving message after message after message.  And my messages were nice, I just wanted to know when I could come in to sign papers, but they wouldn’t answer me.  Oh well, they are the one’s that lost my business and probably a lot more potential customers because of how they treated me.

Well that was a long rant about a car…sorry guys, but I’m still a little bitter about this if you hadn’t noticed.