January 2011


It’s true!

Sometimes I just really need to hear a compliment.  Receiving a compliment when I am having a crappy day is the best way to turn that crappy day into a good day.  Lately I’ve been having a lot of crappy days and I had a feeling that I wasn’t the only one who needed a little self esteem boost, so I got an idea.

I decided  that I was going to try to give all the girls on my floor a little boost.  I decided to put a mirror in my hall and a giant piece of butcher paper so that they could all compliment each other.  I gave them a few rules of course: 1. Be nice. 2. Be sincere. 3. Don’t put any names (I’ll explain this one) 4. Have fun.

I didn’t want anyone to sign their name or to put someone else’s name because I felt that might defeat the purpose if the same people are getting all the compliments and someone doesn’t get any.  This way they are all anonymous and they could be about anyone on the floor, which makes me feel good at least.   If I walk by and see that someone said you are so nice, I would love to think that it is about me, and just the thought that it might be me makes me feel good on the inside.

There are already a lot more compliments on the page since that picture was taken just an hour ago.  I love the girls on my floor, they make me happy!

And just in case you are needing a little boost as well, I think that you are absolutely amazing because you read this post.  That means a lot and because of that YOU ROCK!


So I haven’t updated this thing in a while. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know, but I got really busy. Since 2011 rolled in I haven’t really had much time for this. That’s sad, but it’s okay because I’m going to update all you lovely folks in one little post.

1. My New Year’s Resolution is to get healthy. I’m aware that this is everyone’s resolution, however I have been getting sick a lot lately so therefore I need to figure out how to stay healthy. I am going to change what I eat, more fruits and veggies, and less fried foods and less take out. (On a side note, this will also save me quite a bit of money!)

2. Classes have started for the Spring semester and I am pretty excited about the classes that I have this semester. I have started my Intro to PR class and therefore I am now REALLY getting into what I want to do for the rest of my life. And a recent conversation with a very wonderful women has me ready to get involved with PRSSA and to start making those connections that will stick with me once I’m out of college and out there in the professional world, doing whatever it is that I am actually going to be doing.

3. I have new niece!!!!! Her name is Brittany and she was born on January 19th. She is very cute and I can’t wait until I actually get a chance to meet her! Peyton, her big sister is just beaming that she has a little sister. A little fact for you all, Peyton and Brittany are 7 years apart, just like Amber and I. Aww, how sweet?

Brittany Elizabeth

Well that is all that I have to really update you on. I know it isn’t much, but with work, and classes, and trying to find time for my friends I’ve been pretty busy. I’m just going to leave you with I will try really hard to update more often, but I can’t make any promises.