I wish I could make something that looked this good.

I REALLY wanted to get away for Thanksgiving break this year.  I feel like I really need it, however since my car is being stupid I have to stay here.  However, I am going to make the best of this!

This year I am doing Thanksgiving dinner alone.  I want to do this.   I want to do something for myself.  I have the day all planned out.  I’m going to start cooking my ham the night before so it will be super yummy on Thursday.  After I have lunch, which will really be around 2:30 ish I am going to start putting up my Christmas decorations.  They should not go up until after Thanksgiving dinner, so I will wait.  When I am finished with that I am then going to start making the presents for my residents.  I have a Christmas party coming up and I feel like I should have a little something for them for putting up with me for a semester.  It’s nothing big, but I think they will enjoy it.

Friday I have to work.  Not a big deal because my boss was in a bind and since I was going to be here I might as well make some money.  Plus it’s only 4 hours and no one is going to be here anyway.  And that will give me a chance to work on my research paper that is due next week.

This week long break is going to be all about me.  I don’t care if you call me selfish, sometimes you have to be.  I’ve been doing a lot of things lately and I just need to sit down, eat until I can’t eat anymore, and find myself.

And heck…if this doesn’t work, it’s only two weeks until Christmas break!