“[This was not a rally] to suggest that times are not hard and we have nothing to fear; they are, and we do. But we live in hard times, not end times, and we can have animus and not be enemies.” Jon Stewart”

This last weekend I went to Washington D.C. with a friend.  We went to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  I loved everything about it.  There were so many people there and even though we couldn’t see anything, it was still a wonderful time.  I’ve never been to D.C. before so it was my first time seeing all the monuments.  My favorite was the Washington Monument by far.  I couldn’t tell you why, but I loved it.  I have so many pictures of it now.

They are calling this rally the Woodstock of my generation, and I love that I can say I was there and I was a part of it.  I never thought that I would ever be able to go to something like this, but I did.  I still can’t believe that I flew to D.C. for a rally that only lasted 3 hours but I wouldn’t change anything about it.

The point of the rally was to tell Americans that we need to take it down a notch.  That there is only one Hitler and he is not Obama or Bush.  That the media has taken politics to the extreme and it’s not getting us anywhere.  Stewart said that the media did not cause the problems we are having, but it’s not helping it either.  The media is making it worse, the media is going overboard with everything, and this was saying “Hey let’s stop this sh*t, and start sharing the news.” It was also a rally to tell Americans to go out and vote.  And of course since it was Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert there was a lot of laughing.  I think that Stewart and Colbert should be proud of what their rally represented and they should be happy because of the turnout.

This has been an experience I will never forget.  I look forward to sharing the pictures and memories with my family.  I still can’t believe that I went and witnessed all of it.

"Most Americans don't live their lives solely as Democrats or Republicans or conservatives or liberals. Most Americans live their lives as if they're just a little bit late for something they have to do. Often it’s something they do not want to do, but they do it. Impossible things get done every day that are only made possible by the little, reasonable compromises." Jon Stewart