Somewhere between…

The jobs,

The classes,

The relationships,

The late night trips with friends,

The nights spent talking for hours,

Between the…

Broken hearts,

Healing hearts,


Finding who you really are,

You start to realize…

What it means to call someone a friend,

What it means to really be happy,

What it means to stand up for yourself,

What it means to believe in something,

You learn…

That it’s okay to let go of the past,

That it’s okay to forgive the person who hurt you,

That it’s okay to start all over,

That it’s okay to laugh…

That it’s okay to cry,

That it’s okay to ask for help,

That it’s okay to fall in love,

That it’s okay to fall out of love,

You also learn…

That you don’t always get what you want…

But it will be what you need,

That you will take chances in life…

And you might fail, but that’s okay,

That you are who you are…

And there is nothing wrong with that.