“How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to” ~Unknown~

They say a girl’s best friend is diamonds and a man’s best friend is a dog.  Well I would choose a dog over diamonds any day.  But if the dog was wearing a diamond collar I might pick that one first.

I’ve never been one to have many friends, and it’s always hard for me to keep friends when I finally do get them.

I have a dog and she is three years old.  She is absolutely amazing, and I love her so much.  My family has always been an animal family however I never had one that was truly mine, until she came around.  From the day she was born I knew that she was going to be mine.  Whenever I go home she follows me around like my shadow, and sleeps with me, and cries whenever I leave to head back to campus.  Dogs love people unconditionally.  You can yell at them for chewing up your favorite pair of flip flops and in five minutes they are sitting on your lab begging for attention.  She is my best friend and knows most of my secrets.  I talk to her as if she were human, and sometimes  I forget that she’s not.

I have this one friend though.  She is amazing.  We get along great because we both hate females and we would rather hang out with a group of guys then go shopping with the girls.  I can tell her anything and I know that she will try to help me any way that she can.  We have been friends from the first day we met.  She even moved out of the country for 4 years, but still we are as close as ever.  I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.  And to top it off…she would choose a dog over diamonds as well.

I have another friend.  Well honestly I don’t know if we are friends anymore.  But from the first day we met this person and I clicked.  We were immediately comfortable with each other and trusted each other like we’ve never trusted anyone else.  I would say that we both know more about each other than anyone else in the world.  This person and I could talk about anything and we didn’t care what the other person thought.  Things have happened recently and this person and I don’t talk much anymore.  We still see each other but we don’t talk to each other.  It’s awkward to be around each other.  It’s like we were never as close as we were.  I would give most anything for this person and I to be back to how we were before everything happened.

Having one true friend is having one more than necessary, but I’m happy to say that I have that one true friend, plus a doggie friend and a friend who means so much to me but they just don’t realize it yet.